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Written by Sinéad Ann

Recorded and produced by Gavin Glass at Orphan Recording Studios 

Sinéad Ann – Composer, lead vocals, background vocals, 

Michael Doherty – String arranger


Tackling identity, intuition, and naivety in her new song, German-Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad Ann releases her Alternative Folk debut, Lemonzest. Through juxtaposing grim lyrics and uplifting instrumentals, Sinéad captures the initial sting of biting into a lemon and the bittersweetness of seeing true colours. Sinéad blends harmony and dissonance to illustrate her frustration with superficiality and its dark consequences. Lemonzest takes listeners on a journey through Sinéad’s development as a musician and artist, learning to trust her intuition and break the cycle of self-sabotage. The musical accompaniment inspires imagery of Irish landscapes and creates a mystical hypnotic effect, almost making the acidic lyrics sound sweet. Lemon Zest exudes that tart feeling you get when you realise someone’s true thoughts and intentions about you. This profoundly emotional song is about refusing to entertain what does not serve you and embracing the freedom of trusting your instinct. The word ‘gorgeous’ has lost value, and backhanded flattery no longer holds its charm.

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