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Four Walls, an unapologetically rebellious piece that dabbles in indie rock and alternative folk. The German-Irish singer-songwriter depicts the clash between mortality and spirit, plagued with fear, isolation, and the shadow self. Illuminated with nightmarish visions, the singer’s mind is riddled with obsessive images of bloody revenge, only to awaken scarred by her own hands and overwhelmed with guilt. Finding no solace in confession, Sinéad looks inwards for the strength to reclaim her power and shed the layers that haunt her. Rubato, wistful strings, and upbeat percussion ebb and flow through the tumultuous journey of self-discovery. As the singer embodies her highest self, the song incorporates electric guitar and the tolling of church bells, breaking the shackles of shame that come with vulnerability. Conquering her demons and arising from darkness, Four Walls is a story of enlightenment and triumph.

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